Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Growing Up...and Up and Up!

When I look at Bailey, I can see so much of Nick and I in her that it just amazes me. For better or worse, her attitude and demeanor come from me. When I see her being shy around new people, I know that's not from her father, I don't think Nick has ever met a stranger! If I compare baby pictures, I see a lot of resemblance between myself and her, but to look at her now and compare her to Nick and I, I see so much of Nick. Their eyes are shaped almost exactly alike, and she has his eyebrows. They make so many of the same facial expressions.

I think this photo really shows the similarities (excuse the half asleep look on both of my loves!). When Bailey does that face right there, with her eyebrows kind of drawn in, I think she looks just like her daddy!

But somewhere along the way Bailey seems to have inherited a trait that didn't come from either of us. Since birth she has been consistently in the 90th percentile for height, and that didn't change when we went to her 3 year check up either. She was 39 inches tall and 32 pounds. The doctor showed us her growth curve on her new big girl growth chart. If she were to stay on the same curve, they say she could be around 5'8"! Seriously, I'm only 5'4", she would tower over me!! Nick's 5'10", so he's not very tall himself. We'll see where she ends up stopping in the future, but I was just floored when the doctor told us that!

She did so well at her check up. They took her blood pressure and she sat there like a champ and the nurse kept bragging on well she did. While we were in with the doctor Bailey was, in true fashion, being a chatty Cathy and the doctor commented on how she could tell there were no speech problems! When it comes to the shots, I always let Nick be the one holding her, I'm just not good at that part. He had Bailey look at the animals on the wall and pick out her favorite one and talk about it. By the time she realized she was getting a shot and that it kind of hurt, it was over. She didn't shed a single tear! She was such a big girl, in so many ways.

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Danielle said...

Good grief, she did better than me with the shot! I'm such a baby when it comes to needles. Amazing that I've had 2 children (: