Thursday, July 31, 2008

Proud Parent

Bailey has been doing so good lately with listening to me and Nick when we tell her "No". I took her over to my grandparents yesterday when I got off work and their house is definitely not baby proofed, and she kept trying to pull things off of the coffee table, but I made her look at me and I told her no, and she sat down and started playing with her toys! Now, of course she would try and go back to the table, but after saying no again she would stop! I couldn't believe it!! Usually after you say no to her she makes the saddest face and whimpers...I usually have to turn my head so she doesn't see me laughing, because it is so funny! Her new favorite game is trying to stick her finger in the phone jack in the living room. This went on for a good 10 minutes the other night. She would crawl over there, look at me and then try and stick her finger in it. I would tell her no, she would cry, wait a few seconds and then try again! She finally realized I was not giving in and decided to crawl over and play with her toys instead. I am so proud of how well she listens (most of the time!) and it makes me realize me and Nick are doing a pretty job!
This picture doesn't go with this...but I managed to snap a shot of her top two teeth last night while Nick was tickling her belly!

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Brooke said...

Wow... much better than my child! haha! I love her teeth :)