Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kisses for mommy and grilled cheese sandwiches!

Bailey was giving kisses today! It was the sweetest thing in the whole world! I was at home for lunch and I leaned down in front of her and she leaned in and gave me a big open mouthed baby kiss! It was all slobbery...the kind of kiss only a mom can appreciate :) I had to get like 5 more before I would leave to go back to work. She had been kissing herself in the mirror lately, but hadn't given anyone else kisses before...and I was the first! Which was nice, considering she still hasn't said mama...she says dada all day long and all kinds of other little words...but no mama. I do think we're getting closer. She jibber jabbers all day long now! For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich and shared some with Bailey, and she loved it! After every bite she was making the funny sound she does when she's excited. I let her try to actually bite off of the sandwich...that went ok. She would finally slobber it enough that she could break a little off into her mouth. Last night she ate corn and a few baked beans. She's finally getting a lot better at eating table food.


Brooke said...

Ella didn't say mama for a while either. Dada was her favorite for a long time! So don't get your feelings hurt! It took Ella a while to get good at table food too. She still gags sometimes but has gotten over the texture issue! Bailey sounds like she's learning so much--we can't wait for our play date! See you soon!

Sarah said...

I saw your post on my blog so I thought I would read up about you and your little one. She is too cute and has soooo much hair!!! It is so much fun to read about other moms and hear about what's going on in there world :) It is great to relate~!