Friday, January 30, 2009

Why I Love My Husband!

Yes, this is an old picture...this is from our wedding rehearsal.
1. Where we met - We first met in elementary school at St. John's. I was in 3rd grade and he was in 4th, but our classes were in the same room. I remember one day my friend and I kept bugging him about who he liked. He gave me a note and told me to go in the bathroom to read it. When I opened it, it said "I licke you", how sweet is that?! After elementary school we didn't see each other again until high school. My freshman year we had Career and Family planning together and became best friends.
2. Our first date - We went to go see Bicentennial Man and got hot chocolate after. I was so nervous, this was my first date! I barely talked to him at all. And it kills him because I'm the only girl he ever went on a date with that didn't kiss him goodnight :) This was our first date, but didn't actually start dating till much later.
3. How long did we date before we were married? - 5 1/2 years
4. How long have been hitched? - 2 1/2 years
5. Favorite feature - His eyes and his nice soccer player legs :)
6. Favorite quality - How laid back he is. I get so worried about every little thing, and Nick just takes everything in stride. He really brings me back down when I start to stress out.
7. His nickname for me - I never thought about it, but I don't guess we ever did nicknames!
8. His favorite color - He really doesn't have a favorite, but I guess blue would be closest to his favorite.
9. His favorite sport - Hands down, soccer. He's played since he was 3. He's been coaching since he was in college, and currently is the head coach for the middle school girl's team at Scott County middle and he will be coaching the high school girl's club team this spring. However, he will play and watch just about anything. I hope our kids are blessed with his athletic abilities!
10. Who said I love you first - He did. We said it pretty early on, and I know I always roll my eyes when I hear teenagers talk about being in love, but I knew since my freshman year in high school that we would get married one day. Even when I wasn't ready to date him, I knew he would be my husband one day.
11. Our first kiss, when and where - In my house my junior year. We weren't even dating yet, he had taken me home from school and we shared our first smooch...we did start dating soon after :)
12. Favorite couple thing to do - We like to watch cooking shows together.
13. His hidden talent - I don't think he really has any hidden talents. He's a great cook, makes a mean cheesecake, and (when there's no TV on) is a great listener. Several of our friends have come to him for advice because he is good at looking at the situation and not taking sides, hence why he wants to be a counselor!
14. His favorite music - He likes a hodge podge of seems like just about anything I don't like, he does like.
15. What I admire most about him - What a good father he is. I love to watch him with Bailey. He's just a big kid himself, so they have a really good time together!
16. His favorite pastime - Playing video games and playing basketball on Saturday mornings.
17. Will he read this - Probably not, but he's sitting in the room with me right now, so he already knows most of what I've put!
Brittany, Shana, Maria and Laura, tell me why you love your men!


Mama Smors said...

love it!!! :) i like reading these posts adoring our husbands. in the blogging world they often get left out, but they truly are so good!

Ashley said...

i didn't know you all had dated so long!