Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 years and counting

This past Friday night Nick and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary (which actually isn't until tomorrow). I took the day off (except for a closing and a couple of work calls...welcome to the world of real estate!) and we headed up to Woodford County to tour Woodford Reserve. It was a great tour, despite the sweltering heat. Our tour guide was full of information and quite funny. I did get in trouble for my flash going off in the storage room, oops! While there I remembered how much I hate bourbon, the smell and the taste, but I also remembered how gorgeous Woodford County is. The drive to the distillery is fantastic, nothing but horse farms. No cluster of vinyl homes, no busy streets, it was amazing. Also, the main building at the distillery is gorgeous. I decided it could easily be my dream home (just the outside, as it's just one big room on the inside). The wrap around porch is what really drew me in, and the beadboard on the underside of the roof, and the metal roof...it was gorgeous!
Here is what I've saved as our dream house...

Minus the barn like garage, the pitch of that would have to be changed!

We still don't know if we would rather have a ranch or a two story. I like the look of the two story, but I am determined to have a basement the next time around, and the thought of having three floors to clean is a little overwhelming. I know we'll have to work with a great builder and probably an architect to design the house. I think we're both going to be too picky to simply pick a plan out of a book or find one online. So hopefully we'll be able to build something with a kind of mix between the house above with some features that the Woodford Reserve building has. However, I want the house to be Boothbay Blue, shown in the picture below.

with a metal roof! And in case you're wondering, no, we're not building a new house any time soon. I'm just dreaming here! The plan is to buy land in the next couple of years and hopefully be in a position to build in 5 years. We've got a lot of saving to do!!

Here are some more pictures from the tour...

After the tour we stopped in Midway and had lunch at Heirloom, which I strongly recommend! It was probably the best burger I've ever had! I would have preferred it have been cooked just a little longer, but it had the best flavor!

From lunch I had to go straight to my closing and then we went and checked into our hotel for the evening. Then it was off to dinner at Malone's. We had been so excited about this dinner, we only get to go about once a year since it's so pricey and we had a gift card, so we knew the dinner would mostly be free! However, it was very disappointing! While my steak was cooked perfectly, it was very dry. At least the dessert was wonderful, we shared the Cookie. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

After dinner we went to see The Proposal. Oh.my.gosh. This movie was hilarious!

Saturday morning we were supposed to go to Shaker Village, but sleeping in sounded so much better! We'll have to save that tour for another date.

I think tonight I'm going to try and find some old pictures of Nick and I from we first started dating back in high school to share in honor of our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Until then, here we are headed to Malone's on Friday.


Colin's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! We love Heirloom too but have never been there for lunch. I love your dream home - I might just have to fight you for it!

Brooke said...

Looks like so much fun! I like both of those houses (white and bluish/gray)!