Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maxwell Mini-Adventure - To the Zoo we Go!

What a great weekend we had! We headed up to Louisville for our second Maxwell Mini-Adventure of the summer. Saturday night we stayed with our friends Brooke & Clay. They have a pool at their apartment complex and took full advantage of it! I can't get over how much Bailey loves the water! We bought her some little arm floaties this time and she did really well with them. She could float in the water by herself...she looked so big! She did manage to go forward a little too far once with her mouth wide open and got a big mouth full of water, but it really didn't scare her too bad. No pictures of the pool...we were all in, so there was no one to photograph :) Sunday we got up and after a fantastic pancake breakfast by aunt Brooke, we headed to the zoo.
(How did I come to actually look like a mom? Didn't I use to have more of a waist?!?!)
I thought these (can't remember what in the world they were) had the coolest horns!
Poor, poor animals!!
Bailey does a great elephant sound, but she wouldn't do it in front of them. It was hilarious! As soon as we got away from their area she would do it.
She did love the "tur-tal".
This was the petting zoo area, she wouldn't touch anything!
A picture of the big gorilla. She loved this! There were 3 large gorillas in this area to watch and it was getting close to feeding time. These were the most active animals we saw. She loved the monkeys!
But the only place she really had a great time was at the splash park...go figure :)
Of course at the splash park there was the one mom who obviously didn't get the notice that this was a family place. She had her bikini top on with a little spaghetti strap top on, but the top was pulled down so the girls were all hanging out. Then she had her shirt rolled up and her skirt pulled way down. She would watch her little boy and then look around to see who was looking at her. Why is there is always one of these moms?
We got to the zoo a little after 11:00, meaning we missed our morning nap. We didn't leave the zoo until after 2:00. Bailey did really well! We were barely even out of the parking lot when she just passed out. Here she is holding her favorite book and her new monkey from the zoo.
Once again we had a great time. Now I need some help for our next mini-adventure. It needs to be within about 30 minutes from Georgetown and something wallet friendly. Any ideas?


Terri T said...

Explorium of Lexington
Horse Park
Kids Place
Kentucky Down Under
Bounce U!

OMG I miss being a teacher :(


Brooke said...

Wow! That looks like such fun!