Monday, June 1, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Some days it would just be nice to be able to crawl back into bed and just re-start the is one of those days. Bailey decided to wake up at 6:15 this morning, which is almost an hour earlier than she usually wakes up. She did stay in her crib until 7:00, because she was content talking to her stuffed animals, but it still makes for a crabby baby when we're out of routine. As always, I start to put my make up on at my vanity. I do allow Bailey to play with certain items (empty blush container mainly), but she decided she wanted my foundation this morning. I stuck my hand out and asked her to please hand it to mommy. Instead, she looked at me and threw it down behind her. Time Out. After time out I asked her to say she was sorry, "No". We went back to time out. I asked her again to say she was sorry, "No". This was pretty much how the rest of the morning went. She refused to say no. She didn't care that she was in time out (okay, she cared, she was screaming and crying at this point, but didn't care enough to say sorry). And usually she gets to watch a cartoon while I dry my hair, but not this morning. Then we're headed out to the car. She stops in the middle of the driveway and doesn't want to walk anymore. So I go pick her up and she doesn't want that either! She squirms and screams the whole time I'm putting her in the car.

Then on the way to my mom's a lady backing out of her driveway almost hits us because she isn't paying a bit of attention where she's going. I honk my horn, swerve and try to stop and she just casually goes back into her driveway like nothing's wrong. No "I'm sorry" hand wave or anything.

On my way to work I think thats it's probably too early in the morning for a drink, so a donut will have to do. (My office is just a few doors down from Frank's Donuts, seriously the best donuts!) I always try and resist the smell of fresh donuts wafting out into the parking lot as I head into work, but I decided this morning they would be just what I needed. I scrounge up change from my car and purse (It doesn't really count as spending money if you don't have to use your debit card, right?) and head down to the store. Only to find that the neon light is off and the door locked. Seriously? They're open 7 days a week, and they decided today would be a good day to close up shop?!

That's how my Monday morning was going, all before 8:30...hope everyone else started the week off on a better note!

**Ok, and after about 50 attempts I'm now so frustrated with stupid blogger I want to throw the computer out the door! Sometimes it will separate my paragraphs where I want it to, and other times it won't. Does anyone know why this is? It drives me crazy!!!**

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Brooke said...

Sorry about your morning!!! I hope the rest of your week turns out better :)