Monday, June 29, 2009

Home Projects

This weekend Nick and I finally crossed something off our To-Do List that had been on there for about 2 years now...we stained our fence! Here is a before picture of the old weathered looking wood that was our fence.
Here I am working on the outside. I actually really enjoyed this. It was tiring and extremely hot outside, but the sprayer made the work MUCH easier!
Here Nick is working. We took turns with each time the sprayer needed to be refilled. And of course I'm not such an anal retentive control freak that I kept pointing out where he needed to improve...not me. And here's the after picture!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new red fence! All I have left to do is roll the stain on the planks next to the house...couldn't use the sprayer without painting the house red.

This was the first real project Nick and I have done around our house. Mainly because we're not very handy people. Here are a couple of things I learned during this process...

- There's a reason you see people wearing masks when they're staining things. I decided I didn't need one when I first started and ended up with a nose full of red stain!! Needless to say I wore the mask during the last half of the work.

- You should check for bees before spraying your fence. We found 4 nests behind the corner posts of the fence. I found the first one while I was spraying and about 4 or 5 flew out at me. Needless to say I dropped the gun and ran straight into the house!

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