Thursday, November 19, 2009


Driving home from dinner the other evening, Nick and I turned down the radio and listened to the conversation that Bailey was having...with herself.

What's you fav-rite cuder (color)? You fav-rite cuder blue.
What's my fav-rite cuder? My fav-rite cuder red.
My no fav-rite cuder purple, my fav-rite cuder red.
What's mommy fav-rite cuder? Mommy's fav-rite cuder red, too!
What's daddy fav-rite cuder? Daddy's fav-rite cuder blue.

When we turned around to look at her we saw she was staring out the window.

Who are you talking to big girl? Nick asked.

I talkin' to da moon, daddy.

Seriously? It doesn't get any sweeter than that!! Guess she wasn't having a conversation with herself after all.

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Colin's Mom said...

Awe! That made my heart smile. I love the conversations they have.