Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Win for All

Yes, it was in deed a win for everyone involved. Every year, Scott County High School's FFA program sponsors a canned food drive, with all food items being donated to our local Amen House. This is a great program that has been going on for years.

My husband does not like to lose. As he told me last night, "I don't do anything small. Either go big, or go home." And he definitely went big. His classes alone brought in over 6,000 cans/food items!! There is a contest every year for the first hour classes, and just his first hour class alone brought in about 4,000 of those! The kids were great. They went door to door in several different neighborhoods "trick-or-treating" for cans. They were out in the dark and some nights in the rain. They contacted stores to ask for donations and really went above and beyond to pull off the win. And Nick was there with them. Every night they went out, with the exception of one I think, he was right there with them. Going door to door asking for cans. My guess is the people just assumed he was a student also, seeing as he looks about 16...on a good day :)

There were also people who donated money for the cause, $354 to be exact. So Monday night we went to Sam's Club to purchase more food items with the donated money. I think he said we ended up with something close to 750 food items that night.

I'm hoping maybe someone ended up taking a photo of ALL the cans...if I find that I will definitely post it. I think the entire school ended up donating right around 14,000 food items to the Amen House yesterday!

So yes, Nick won. His classes were able to work the hardest and donate the largest amount. The students won. They came together for a common cause and worked their tails off to achieve their goal. But the greatest winner in the whole thing is the Amen House and our community. Thanks to the hard work of all those involved, their shelves are now well stocked and ready to help those in need in our town. A big thank you to all those involved!!! And I am beyond words proud of my husband, for doing exactly what he set out to do and getting so many students involved!

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Dana Jones said...

Thank you Nicole for supporting Nick! That is a sign of an excellent wife. You deserve some "snaps" too! Great job!