Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy Ponderings

Things no one tell you about motherhood:

1.  The countless number of times you will doubt yourself and your decisions.

2. Your body will never be the same. Okay, I realize this isn't the case for all women, I like to refer to such women as freaks. Kidding. Kind of.

3. The number of break downs you will have over the stress of mothering, working, cooking, cleaning, mothering, wifing (not really a word, I know), consoling, mothering...

4. How messy it is. Literally. Spit up, poop, some point your flesh will come in contact with all of these. On a really good day it could be all three at once!

5. How many times you will want to change your name from "mommy" to something else completely and not tell anyone what it is!

The things you can never fully understand until you are a mother:

1. What it's like to have a pure, unfaltering, no strings attached, complete and undying love for another human being.

2. How you can be over the mountains excited and heartbroken all at the same time as you see your child reaching new milestones and realizing how fast time is rushing by.

3. The excitement and joy you will feel as you experience the world through your child's eyes.

4. The sigh of contentment that comes from simply watching your child sleep.

5. The hope for a better tomorrow when you think of all the good your child can accomplish.

6. How your relationship with your husband will never be the same. You go from two people who love each other to a family. Just when you think you have a reached a point where you couldn't love your spouse more, all it takes is seeing him holding your baby with that look on his face, and it will never be the same.

7. Your mother was right...about a lot of things.

Just wanted to share the thoughts that I couldn't seem to shake from my mind this morning.

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Colin's Mom said...

Oh so true! There have been many more that have gone through my brain during this journey but I can't remember. Hey that's one, no one told me that "mommy brain" would last until the kids leave the nest when they're 18! I wouldn't trade a minute of it though.