Thursday, February 4, 2010

Close Call

Now, I'm no car expert in the least, but I'm pretty sure you should never wait until your car is this empty before you fill up!! I think I could actually hear my poor car gasping for fuel as I pulled into the gas station.

What kind I say, I like to live on the dangerous side. I'm a rebel. I'm always pushing the line.

Okay, okay. I really just hate getting gas and always put it off until the last minute.


Terri T said...

ohhh that reminds me I need gas....I HATE pumping it- even those I LOVE the smell :)

Colin's Mom said...

I hate it too and I usually try to time it so that Wes has to fill it up (:

Maria said...

One time, when Mark and I were travelling back into town LATE at night when no gas stations were open, we finally found a station and rolled in as it said "0 miles to empty". I was nervous at about 10 miles. We made it on fumes and a prayer!