Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Days

Snow days, snow days and more snow days. We have seen our fair share this winter. Nick and Bailey have had lots of days at home together because of all this winter weather we've been having, and they've been having quite a fun time.

Yesterday, I was uploading photos (of some delish homemade bread, check it out!) from my camera when I stumbled across these.

(Please overlook the "its a snow day so it's ok if I hav crazy hair" look that both my husband and Bailey were sporting)

Apparently Nick and Bailey had been making cheesecakes yesterday. She's such a good little helper in the kitchen! And to brag a little bit, my husband makes killer cheesecakes. The ones he made yesterday were white chocolate cheesecakes, my personal favorite.

Today they went to the library and he sent me this photo of my munchkin enjoying some music.

I love knowing that she has a daddy who does fun things with her!


Ashley said...

snow days are perfect for quality time with the little ones!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

She looks ADORABLE with her headphones on!

So DH is a Duke fan too? And in Kentucky? Wow, that is a rivalry I wouldn't want to mess with!

Confessions From A Working Mom