Friday, February 12, 2010

What Makes a Good Company - The Finale

Well, if you read this regulary, you probably remember a post in which I talked about the problems we were having with our front bedroom. I'm happy to report that the problem has been fixed!!!

Now, this wasn't an easy process. Company S, which is Stivers Heating and Air, didn't really want to cooperate at first. However, I wouldn't back down. I kept calling and calling. They would try to offer an excuse, and I wouldn't take it. Then they tried to offer a solution that obviously wouldn't correct the problem and I refused.

Yesterday they finally sent a technician out, and while he made sure to mention that it wasn't something they normally did, he installed a vent in the closet of the bedroom. You wouldn't believe the difference it has already made!!! This morning I went to that room, said a little prayer and slowly opened the door. When I did, I was greeted by a warm room. Seriously, that has never happened! Then, to make sure things were really good I went to the closet door, said another little prayer, and after opening it found it to be warm too! Before, as soon as you would open the door a burst of cold air would shoot out. You could feel the walls and they were very cold to the touch. No longer! I can't believe all it took was adding a vent and our problem is fixed!

I feel certain this will help our heating bill, since the furnace won't be fighting a losing battle of trying to warm that space anymore. But more importantly, this puts us one step closer to being able to start to expand our family! This room will either become Bailey's new big girl room or it will house Maxwell baby #2. Before, we knew we couldn't have either Bailey or a baby in that cold place, but now, it's suitable for either!!

Thank you, Stivers, for correcting an obvious flaw in your design. I wish it had been an easier process, but I am thankful that it was completed.

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Colin's Mom said...

Yay for you and your tenacity!