Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Once you hit a certain age the magic of Christmas seems to fade a little, but being able to see Bailey's excitement this year re-sparked everything! She really got into opening the presents and ripping the paper off, and she loved playing with the tissue paper. She received SO many presents...and our requests of few toys seemed to go unheard, so now our house looks somewhat like a toy store! Since both mine and Nick's parents are divorced Christmas can become hectic. Here is what we did on Christmas Eve...
We start the day by going to my mom's house to open gifts with them and my step-sister Traci and my nephew, Quentin. Most of the toys Bailey got from my mom and step-dad were for her house, since she has outgrown several of her toys there.
This is my nephew Quentin playing with Thomas the Tank toys, he loved them!
Nick's castle :)
After we're finished opening presents we head to Frankfort to have a big lunch with my step-dad's parents and open gifts with them.
Showing off her bear bottom :)
She is now terrified of this Wubzy doll! He does head stands and cart wheels, and she tried to pick him up the other day while he was moving and I guess it scared her. Now, if she even hears him she starts crying!
Bailey wanted in Quentin's fire truck so bad, but he wasn't about to she went and told his mommy on him :)
After finishing here it was back to the house to prepare for my family to come over that night...and finally time for Bailey to take a nap! She went from 7:30-3:00 without a nap and she was SO good!
Notice the crazy hair...this is because she pulled her pig tails out!
Mass chaos!
Time for Christmas jammies!
Both my cousins got a Nintendo DS for Christmas...we hardly heard a peep out of Jacob the rest of the night!
The kids were rolling around on the floor together :)
Once everyone left it was time to decorate cookies for Santa Claus. We tried to get Bailey to help decorate, but she was more interested in eating them!

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