Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow!

Yesterday I went in to work until lunch, at which time they let me have the rest of the day off since there wasn't much going on in the office. I think they knew I was dying to get Bailey out in the snow :) So I rushed home and ate lunch and we all got bundled up. This was Bailey's first layer...I just love this shirt!
Then it was to her room to finish the layering. Tights+sweat pants+long sleeved shirt+sweatshirt+jacket+socks+boots+mittens+toboggan = a warm little girl!
She really wasn't sure what to think about the snow. With the snow being pretty deep in our side yard and the top layer hard because of the ice, she couldn't really move. I tried to clear a little
path for her, but she had no interest in trying to move! She would just point to things and jibber jabber. And she liked watching daddy clean off our driveway (thank you again honey!!)
Nick tried holding her hand so she could walk with him, but she just started to cry! Then he thought it would be fun to show her how to throw snowballs! So he was holding her and throwing snowballs at me while I was trying to video tape...she did seem to enjoy that :) "Brr! It's cold, take me inside mommy!"

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