Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Christmas Tree

After Nick got back from playing basketball Saturday morning we decided to put the tree up. Bailey was napping so we knew it would be easier to drag everything out then. When she woke up she wasn't quite sure what to think about all her toys being moved out of her corner and about the big tree in their place! And after working up the nerve to touch the tree, she decided she didn't like the prickly branches and ran away from it!
She decided she much preferred playing with the garland!
Now, day two of the Christmas tree being up she got a little braver and ventured a little closer...
Day three all bets were off!
She became quite intrigued by a little jingle bell ornament. This was an ornament Nick had received from his players his first year coaching soccer. She was quite excited when she managed to get it off of the tree...and was then as equally upset that mommy put the ornament on a higher branch out of her reach!

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Mama Smors said...

haha!!! we know how that goes... ivy is very sad when she is scheming to steal an ornament and poof- it is moved!