Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Time

Well, just like every year, you spend months (and money) buying gifts and planning your trips and wrapping presents and baking, cooking, preparing...and then it's over in the blink of an eye.

This Christmas, although gone way too fast, was amazing! Bailey just seemed to embody the definition of the Christmas spirit. We are still singing Christmas carols, she still talks about Santa and Rudolph daily...actually, she wakes up singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer almost every day.

Wednesday night my mom kept Bailey and my nephew Quentin. This is a tradition my mom started last year and they go look at Christmas lights, watch Christmas movies and just enjoy some good quality time with their grandkids before all the hoopla begins. It also allows mommy and daddy to get everything ready for all the hoopla!

Here's Bailey and Quentin playing in my mom's big window in her kitchen...silly kiddos!

They love each other!

And then it was time for the action to begin. We started our day at mom's house and we all made out like bandits!

And then it was time to open the big gift. Bailey really didn't know what to do when the big bag came out...but her trusty sidekick was ready to help open it!

"A bike? Its for me, mommy?!"

Is this not the cutest darn thing ever? I almost cried when I saw how stinkin' big she looked sitting up there!

Well, enough fun at one house...time to move on to my step dad's parents house for lunch and more gifts...

There was a baby doll and/or baby doll accessory at every house waiting on Miss Bailey. My girl loves her babies.

My little snow princess!

Then it was time for my famiy to come to our house for snacks and gifts. I love having my house crammed full of loved ones and listening to everyone laugh and enjoy each other's company, it's my favorite part about the Holidays. We had pulled pork sandwiches, chili, chips, a cheese tray, brownies, banana pudding, fudge and sugar cookies. It was the perfect snacky food after all of us having had a large lunch earlier in the day.

What is it, daddy?!

Can we say, Time for a haircut?!

We got my grandparents a digital picture frame, and they loved it!

Decorating cookies for Santa.

Bailey's cookies had about 10 pounds of frosting and sprinkles on them!!

Then it was time to head to bed and get ready for Santa to come.

Bailey loved the art easel Santa brought her!! (Isn't she cute in her Christmas jammies?!)

Nick reading the note left in the first box he opened Christmas morning, which read:

Oops! Santa must have forgotten to fill this box. We apologize. Please move on to the next box.

Elf #45.

The next box contained his Wii! He was very surprised and excited, I love when I'm able to really get him something he's not expecting.

This was probably my favorite Christmas so far, and I hope they only continue to get better and better!!! Hope all of you out there in blog world had a great one too!

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