Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Friends & Good Food

This Saturday we had our 4th annual Maxwell Holiday Dinner Party.

These were the invites that I made. Because, you know, I prefer these over evites!

We started this tradition when Nick and I were living in our first apartment. That first year we all crammed into our little apartment and ate some so-so quality food. In fact, that first year, I overcooked the potatoes until they were about the consistency of glue and the boys had to run out and get some mashed potatoes from Popeye's before everyone else got there!

Now we all cram into my slightly larger house and have delicious food!

Everyone brings a dish, or two, and we deep fry a turkey. I mean really, you can't go wrong when you deep fry anything!! You know you're in for a real treat when you walk into someone's bathroom and you find this...

The turkey taking a dip in my tub so it could thaw out in time for its big debut :)

This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and made some homemade yeast rolls - recipe courtesy of the Pioneer Woman, of course! I thought the rolls tasted great, even though they didn't rise quite like they should have. Oh well, the first time is for working out the kinks! I wish we had taken a picture of all the was kind of insane! We had: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli casserole, baked mac 'n cheese, dumplings, deviled eggs, broccoli slaw, hashbrown casserole, rolls...and probably something else that I'm forgeting now! And of course desserts :)

While I was finishing the last minute things, Bailey was entertained by her aunts Brittany and Booke. Looks like they were having quite a time!

I feel so blessed to have so many great friends in our lives. I love getting together with them and Bailey loves every one of them! Well, Ryan kind of scares her when he has his beard...facial hair kind of freaks her out :)

Ryan would be the one with the massive beard!

Bailey received some great gifts including two new baby dolls and some SpongeBob jammies!

After we all gorged ourselves we piled onto the couch, started the fire and enjoyed a movie together. What a great night with great friends...and great food! We would like to thank every one for coming and sharing in this tradition with us...we love you all!


Colin's Mom said...

What fun! I'm so envious of your group that you've managed to keep this tradition going. We started it and then each year there are more and more excuses and prior engagements that keep us from continuing it. I really love it and miss it when we don't have it. It looks like you guys had a blast though!

Brooke said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm impressed with all the cooking :)

Maria said...

I LOVE Pioneer Woman! I get so many of my new recipes from her!