Thursday, December 10, 2009

Planning vs. Surprise

Lately, I've felt like I'm coming down with something. It sometimes makes me break out in a cold sweat. It makes me daydream for hours. It makes me touch my stomach as if something is there. Yes, my friends, I officially have baby fever!

Anytime I see a pregnant woman, or a baby or really even anything baby related, my fever spikes and I can't help but to think about having another one. It doesn't help that I know SEVERAL people that are pregnant right now.

But this post really isn't about baby fever, but instead about what it's like this time around, with the planning for Maxwell Baby #2.

I've made mention before that Bailey was the best surprise ever. No, we weren't planning on having a baby as soon as we did, but I wouldn't change a thing. While it was a really scary time for us to have a baby, seeing as we had just signed paperwork to build a house, had just bought Nick a car and had a car payment for the first time ever and I had just accepted a new job, there wasn't really time to think about it. It was just kind of like, "Ok, we're pregnant, we'll find a way to make this work."  But this time, this time we're planning (as much as you can plan) the next pregnancy. Which sounds great, but I really think I kind of preferred the other way.

Now I have time to sit and worry about EVERY little detail! What am I going to do about maternity leave? What if my mom can't babysit baby #2? What are we going to do with all the crap stuff that's in the spare bedroom that will have to be turned into the next nursery? What if Bailey doesn't adjust well to having a baby in the house? What if I don't adjust well to having another baby?

The list goes on and on.

I know we'll work everything out when the time comes. And as of right we're planning on starting to try for Maxwell Baby #2 sometime next Spring. Until then I'm going to try not to agonize over every little decision. But I really think I preferred the hold onto your pants, we're going to have a baby method :) I think I'll reminisce about when Bailey was but a wee little one.

There, that feels better!


Colin's Mom said...

Just like with Bailey, everything will work out in the end. I'm pretty sure every planning parent has been through the same set of questions and fears that you're experiencing right now. It is harder with the second one because you've learned so much from the first time but that should also be a good thing!

LOVE Bailey's hair! Oh my gosh, that's a lot of hair!

Brooke said...

It's definitely nice being able to plan for a baby, but even when planning you always have those doubts. I want another child so bad and can't wait until he or she gets here, but Kermie gets on to me all the time because I'm always saying the negatives like: they wont have their own room, Ella needs her own big girl bed, will the babysitters want to watch two kids, I don't have enough days to cover a long maternity leave, etc. etc. etc. :) We have been trying since January and I've had those doubts the entire time. But of course, if it's God's will He will provide and things will work out.... they always do! So don't worry and don't feel like it all has to be perfect! Enjoy your pregnancy when it comes and let everything just fall into place! Easier said than done I know! I pray about it everyday! :)

Mama Smors said...

Having the fever with you!! :) Thanks for sharing the precious baby pics. When the time comes... all the details will be worked out!