Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Invite vs. Evite

Just this morning I sent out my invites for our annual Holiday Dinner Party. I've been "working" on these for the past few weeks. I had to come up with the design, buy the materials, make them and then mail them. For a procrastinator busy person, this can take a while. Nick was fussing that I hadn't already mailed them, with which I proceeded to explain how lazy busy I've been. His question back was, Why didn't you just send out evites?

I knew why I didn't send out evites. I enjoy designing the invitations. I think it adds a little extra something when you actually send out real paper invitations to an event. I know I personally love getting things in the mail. A birthday card, post card or invitation. That's not to say that I don't enjoy the ecards and evites just as much, but with my mail box usually only offering up bills and junk mail, it's nice to get a little something special every now and then.

Am I the only one who still prefers invites over evites? I know it would have been a lot faster, easier and cheaper to do the evites and I know no one on the guest list would have snurled their nose up at getting one, but I just couldn't do it.

I want to know what you think. Do you prefer to send/receive invites or evites? What's your opinion?


Terri T said...

invite 100%!!! I'm all about written correspondence- thank you notes, birthday cards, invites, etc. I know I could save a ton in stamps and time but nothing beats receiving something like that in the mail!!!

Colin's Mom said...

Definitely invites! I'm with you on getting fun things in the mail, seeing as how we rarely do anymore. Plus the personalization factor, the effort, the time, they're all very much appreciated. Plus I tend to remember better if it's on paper.

You can't expect a guy to understand female logic!!

Dana Jones said...

I agree invites are the best, but I do understand in our busy world that evites may be time saving. But as a reciever, the invite it the best!